enable num keys always on

Enable Num keys Always On in windows 10/8 or Auto enable numeric key on startup Recommended – What is SAR value? How SAR effect our health? A relatively common issue being faced by some Windows users, is finding that their Numeral Lock key or Num Lock is not enabled(Specially in windows 10), is turned off orRead More →

Our main purpose is to fulfill the requirements of our clients as far as cross platform App Development tools are concerned. Today companies do not run on single platforms rather they support multiple devices like tablets, smart phones, smart watches and other emerging technologies. Our technologically experienced team will helpRead More →

Krishna consciousness isn’t one thing imposed on the mind. On the contrary, it’s already within every of us, waiting to come out, like fire in a match. chanting Hare Krishna brings out that natural, pure state of mind.According to Hindu beliefs, only two incarnations of Lord Vishnu got the highestRead More →

Honor 9i and Honor 7x, which launched in last 2017, both dispatched with Huawei’s Android 7.0 Nougat-based EMUI 5 skin. The Oreo beta redesigns Huawei’s EMUI skin to form 8.0, and packs upgrades, for example, picture-in-picture mode, battery-sparing breaking points on foundation forms, and granular warnings settings. Before the dispatchRead More →

Knowing the SAR value of your smartphone is essential when it comes to safety purpose.   Smartphone having high end specification like huge battery, mind-blowing camera memories , It is equally important infect i will say strongly if you are health conscious  then it is more important the phone in your palmRead More →

The full form of  SAR value ? (SAR) Specific Absorption Rate. It is the measure of the rate at which energy is absorbed by the human body when exposed to a radio frequency (RF) electromagnetic field. Although, it can also refer to absorption of other forms of energy by tissue,Read More →

Benefits of online education go beyond mere convenience. In fact, you may find the online environment is more conducive to your individual learning style. If you are a motivated self-starter who enjoys online interaction through social media sites, email, and other interactive means, you may find that online learning isRead More →

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