PHP 7 has been released and it is a new experience for Web developers, as claimed by its developers —  but what’s new in it? The professionals are claiming that PHP 7 has added at least five strong benefits in their users’ domains. Let’s see five new advantages, which PHPRead More →

Know why dhoni cant play worldcup 2019 सुनने मे बहुत ही अजीब लग सकता है या हो सकता है आपको एक पल के लिए गुस्सा भी आ जाए | लेकिन यह सच है कि अब उम्र के ढलते उनकी बल्लेबाजी मे धार नहीं रही| हम आपको 9 ऐसे कारण बताएंगेRead More →

PHP a server-side scripting language that has its main implementation in web development, and It can be use for general purpose programming language. PHP5 was released on july 13, 2004 and it is the latest version on PHP. PHP was powered by Zend Engine I and PHP5 is powered byRead More →